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SuddenlyUnemployed.com contains hundreds of links to information and resources related to unemployment and career transition. All items posted are selected on merit and are believed to contain reliable and useful information.  Our mission is to provide encouragement and information for unemployment survival and successful career transition.

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SuddenlyUnemployed.com contains hundreds of links to information and resources related to unemployment and career transition. Some of the items are featured below.  The full article can be accessed by clicking on the title of the article.  Each link will open in a new window.  If you would like to suggest any relevant articles, websites or categories, please Contact Us.

10 Ways to Penetrate Your Target Companies
The more you are known to your target company, the better your odds of finding a job there.  Make sense? Just to be clear, though. To penetrate means that you create awareness of your candidacy/unique skills with as many people as possible. Once everyone knows you (or knows of you), the risk in interviewing you and hiring you goes down. Especially important in a hiring market that favors the employer. So how do you penetrate a company in advance and during your interview process?

Networking Made Easy for Introverts
In my experience, people who claim to hate networking also believe they are not good at it. The reverse is true. People who hate networking fail at traditional networking by following advice never intended for them in the first place.You have the raw materials to be a stellar networker. You are just following the wrong rules. Standard networking advice fails you, so you assume you fail at networking. Plus you hate it.

Monitor Your Online Reputation with Google Alerts 
Job seekers can and should monitor their names using Google Alerts.  Someone else with the same name who has done something shocking, unusual, or disreputable can negatively impact YOUR job search.

The best defense in this case is knowledge!  Put Google to work for you and your job search!


21 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knew
I see too many job applicants who approach the interview as if their only goal is to win a job offer, losing sight of the fact that this can land them in the wrong job. Think of it like dating. This means being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and giving the hiring manager a glimpse of the real you, so he or she can make an informed decision about how well you’d do in the job.


Top 7 Ways to Kick Off Your Twitter Job Search
If you are struggling to find a job, or even just randomly looking, you’d be mad if you overlook Twitter, even if you can’t stand the thought of exposing yourself on social media. You don’t actually have to expose yourself, to get interesting information out of it, or even a job. You can just use it as a research tool. Here are a few basic tips and things to think about to get you started.


5 reasons to love cover letters when you really hate them
Automated resume readers at big companies don’t pay any attention to them. Plus, when you get that legally perfect, automated “We don’t care about you but will keep your stuff on file” rejection e-mail, writing the cover letter is not seen as making a difference...But there are very good reasons to write cover letters when applying for a job. You should really love them, even if you hate writing them.


Why Trying for Less Will Get You More
Can narrowing down your job search focus actually get you more interviews than trying for a wide range of jobs? That’s been my experience.


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